Sydney Harwin – Nut On And In Mommy HD 1080p (2022)

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You was planning on going out tonight with your friends, but your Mommy looks so fucking delectable reading on the sofa with her legs out like that. You can’t take your eyes off her, but you’d better be careful or she might suspect… Suddenly she asks you if you’d give her leg a rub- OF COURSE YOU WILL ! As you are massaging your Moms legs, she senses that something is up with you and questions your unusual behaviour lately. You deny any and all accusations, until your Mom is made to bring up the “secret” matter herself, considering YOU won’t talk about it.. she found her dirty underwear in your bedroom… fuck! How did she find them, you hid them so well ?! She is surprisingly accepting of your “mommy problem” and asks if theres anything you’d like to know or anything that would make you feel better about your fetish. You jokingly (and embarrassingly) say you’d like a handjob, to which she laughs and checks over her shoulder that your Dad can’t see or hear.. and says yes. What??!! She tells you theres no harm if it will make you feel better and as long as you know its wrong and wont ask for anything more. You never knew your Mommy was so open minded, its intense! After wanking your cock right there on the living room sofa, you accidentally blow your load all over her face and tits, oops! Oh well.. your Mom is a dirty bitch really and almost jumps on you to feel your fat cock inside of her. She hasn’t been shagged in ages and it shows! You’ll have to be quiet because your Dad could walk in at any second, and you MUST remember this is only a one off… maybe… Wink (I originally titled this video “Mommy Always Knew” but changed it at the last minute here after uploading, so don’t freak out if the title is different when you purchase the vid, haha)

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Duration: 00:30:08
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