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*THIS WAS A CUSTOM MADE VIDEO* You are sitting watching TV when your auntie walks in and sits next to you on the sofa. She sits so close you can smell her perfume. You don’t fully understand why she keeps checking over her shoulder, or why she puts her hand on your knee.. or why she moves her hand to in between your legs and starts rubbing her fingers against your erection.. You love your auntie and she always tells you that you are her favourite nephew.. why is she acting so weird today? You don’t say a word as she tells you its just a little game auntie likes to play and shes wanted to play this game with you for ages now. She takes out her boobs (being ever so careful that your Mommy and Daddy don’t walk in) and shoves her nipple into your mouth. She quickly pulls her bra back up and unzips your trousers, taking out your hard dick. She remarks at how big it is, even though you know shes lying just to make you feel good, and starts to rub it.. and tease it.. and lick it.. and suck it. She tells you to carry on watching your programme on TV, but this feels strange and you can’t help but look into your aunties eyes and she makes your cock disappear down her throat. Your Mommy calls through and your auntie answers with a mouthful of you! She smiles, and pulls up her skirt, revealing that she has no panties on, telling you to shhhhhh as she slides her wet pussy down the length of your dick. What IS she doing? You know it feels good… great even… but its also wrong.. something is WRONG about this. But… it does… feel good… Your auntie flashes you her tits as she bounces on your cock, keeping careful check that your parents don’t disturb the two of you.. She then turns around and fucks you in reverse cowgirl, begging and encouraging you to squeeze aunties ass and feel it up with your hand.. touch it.. squeeze it.. feel it for auntie.. thats it… she then turns back around to face you and all the while she is talking to you, making you realise just how much she would get into trouble if anybody knew.. you would get into trouble, too! Suddenly, your Mommy approaches, so she has to quickly spin around to face the TV, making it look as though she is innocently sitting on your legs and has a pillow over her lap, but really she still has your cock stuffed inside of her, and as your Mommy comes into the room, your auntie keeps gently grinding on you and making out the two of you are playfighting! When your Mommy leaves, she carries on fucking you, bringing herself to quiet orgasm, followed by her actively encouraging you to let auntie milk all the cum outta your dick and empty your balls inside of her.. but REMEMBER… its a secret, okay? Wink

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