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My friends all warned me about having a boy for a roommate and stupid me, I thought I could bypass it all by moving in with my seemingly shy stepbrother. The day came when I realized my friends were right… it was on that day I came home early from work and caught him in my bedroom fucking his own ass with my vibrator and sniffing my panties. So yeah, it’s true; men and women can’t have platonic friendships… not even if they’re brother and sister. But I’m not complaining. My stepbrother helped me learn how much I love being in charge in the bedroom and I’m sure I helped him learn a few things as well… like how he loves being held down by his own sister while a man plows his tight asshole. So whenever our parents call to ask how things are I always tell them “it’s been a learning experience for both of us” and well, I’m not lying. My stepbrother and I have learned a lot about how to get each other off these past few months.

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