Missbehavin26 – Mother Son – Tied up arms Riding Mission HD 1080p

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Script: I want to request something like “Your wife finds pictures of mother” maybe even with that lighting and the classic blue top outfit (after you change) or the mother puts a spell on you video lighting. Does not have to be long or a contrived story or intro, though. I love when you have your hands in your hair stretched behind your head, especially from a PoV like you are riding and are into it dirty talking. I’ve came many times to you saying “Want to fuck your very own mother” as you have your arms behind your head in that video after you strip down (this would be perfect while riding). The dirty talk is most important to me, being very explicit in “tell me you enjoy fucking your own mother” while you put your hands in your hair and maybe even bite your arm. Another fetish I have is the mom son thing. And I like it very explicit so just mixed in to the front ways riding and eye contact especially with your hands raised saying exactly things like “you’re looking your own mother in the eyes while you fuck her” fuck your mother (repeatedly)”, “I can’t believe you’re fucking your own mother”, “come on fuck your mother “, “do (or tell me) you like fucking your own mother?” (FAVORITE), etc. especially when you are about to finish. I love the dirty talk the most. “So I hear you fantasize about me, about fucking your very own mother”. Just to clarify further, it only really turns me on when you have both of your arms stretched up and behind your head (like in your hair), not really much when it’s just one arm. I noticed in some of these videos the girl just raises one arm and it’s not so much about the underarm for me or specifically at all. Like they start describing it or feeling it, that doesn’t turn me on unless they try to bite it or lick it during sex. It’s more about how you look with them up with your tits that turns me on. If you can, tying or handcuffing your arms up to the bed or a mix of the two (riding pov and tied up) would be great as you have no handcuff vids. Just being very explicit “is this what you dream of, tying your mother up and fucking her pussy”. I don’t really like the word “mom” or “mommy” at all for whatever reason over “mother”. The As your finishing or near the end, really going intensely into “fuck your mother”, “cum in your mother”, “I can’t believe you’re fucking your own mother”, “come on fuck your mother “, “do (or tell me) you like fucking your mother?” to finish is the best. Saying that dialogue just like that especially when your arms are raised throughout the video (should be easier if you are tied up, haha). At least throw in one of each, especially “come on tell me you like fucking your mother” to get into the fantasy. “Look your own mother in her eyes as she rides your dick and you cum in her.” “You want your own mother to suck your cock..?” (do a jerkoff gesture) “Look your own mother in her eyes as she sucks your cock and you cum in her mouth”

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