Mama Fiona – You Can’t Resist Me, Old Man HD 1080p

Imposed Orgasms Teens (18+) Taboo Older Man / Younger Women POV Sex

Dominated & Seduced by BRATTY TEEN DOMME! We are at your step-daughters graduation party and even though we are all much younger than you, you CANNOT keep your eyes off of all your stepdaughters friends – me, in particular. Big tits, long shiny hair, gorgeous face, hot body and some of the best dick sucking lips you’ve ever seen! You watch me as I dance around, unintentionally seducing you. I eventually catch wind of your eyesight ( and your boner) and I am FURIOUS! How dare you get a BONER at your stepdaughters graduation! WHAT A PERV!!!!! Well its not going away so you know what weirdo? I’M GOING TO TAKE CARE OF IT MYSELF. I DON’T WANT YOU TO EMBARRASS YOUR STEPDAUGHTER AT HER PARTY! I am going to aggressively SUCK, RIDE, AND FUCK YOU…. D A DDY!!!! I know you will love my younger fresh t e e n pussy! I fuck you aggressively in several different POV positions and you cannot resist my dominant charm, even when I tell you to cum inside me. You’ll do as you’re told and won’t have any idea what happened by the time we’re done! That’s the kind of effect I have Wink Hope you’re ready!

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