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I’ve just come from talking to your doctor. Unfortunately he told me you only have a few days to live… but he also gave me some good news: you’re now sterile. Under ordinary circumstances that would be a bad thing, but I know how you’ve insisted that you not get me pregnant. Now you can have sex with your wife one last time, and you can cum inside me. Don’t you want that? I mean, you didn’t marry such a hottie to just look at me, right? Let me send you off in the proper fashion.

I know you’re in pain so it’s hard for you to get an erection, but that’s why I have this little blue pill. Swallow it for me, and I’ll start with a handjob. That’s better, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work. You just lie there & enjoy my body as I ride you. Your chest feels a bit tight, doesn’t it darling? You know the doctor said you can’t handle too much stimulate, and you still let me give you a stimulant. That’s how bad you want me… you’ll let me do this to you, even knowing it will probably end your life.

I can feel you’re close to cumming, and I know you have little control at this stage. So I suppose it’s safe to tell you that I lied about the doctor. He told me you’re still perfectly sterile… and here you are, having sex with me without a condom. I’ve taken fertility drugs to ensure that you’ll impregnate me. And there goes your step-son’s inheritance. It will belong to me & your new step-son. I’ll get all your money. I deserve it for putting up with you. So just let go darling, let go & cum inside me. I’m not getting off your cock until you give me your seed. That’s it. That’s perfect.

Isn’t that the best way to go out? Hmmm… I can’t believe you’re still alive after that heart attack. I should’ve doubled the dose. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I also lied about the doctor saying you only have a few days to live. He said it’s going to take at least a few more weeks, and I just can’t have the hospice care eating into my inheritance. THe medical bills will be even higher now, since you’ve just had a heart attach. You’re a sturdy bastard. I have to end it now. Hold still darling while I just put this pillow over your face. Now now, don’t struggle. Just enjoy the afterglow of your last orgasm, and try not to think too much about me spending all of your money.

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