Lady Fyre – The Girl of Your Dreams (Premature Ejaculation) HD 720p

Finally, after lusting for years, you work up the courage to ask out the girl of your dreams. Not only does she agree to go out with you, but she also comes home with you. Once she sees how big your cock is, she’s unbelievably horny for you. She starts by giving you a blow job with her beautiful mouth. Then she rides your cock with her ass facing you. She’s driving you crazy in those crotchless pantyhose. That big gorgeous ass bounces up & down, and you can’t believe how lucky you are. She rides you cowgirl & it drives you nuts that she hasn’t taken off her bra yet. What a tease. But it feels so good. She gets off your cock for a moment & when she does, she keeps jerking you off. You know it’s coming, but you can’t do anything to stop it, and you bust your load.

Her face changes from pleasure, to disbelief, to disappointment. “Seriously? After years of pursuing me?” She resigns herself to going home to masturbate. “I *was* enjoying you cock, but it’s useless to me now.” You can’t believe you blew it. The woman of your dreams, and you know you’ll never see her again. You only hope she’ll leave quickly so you can sulk in embarrassment. But she doesn’t leave. She steps on your cock in utter disdain, squishing your cum around with her pantyhose-covered foot. Then she leaves.

Oh the shame.

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