DarlingJosefin – The Stolen Towel HD 720p (2022)

We’re college students living in a coed dorm. One morning, we both show up at the coed showers wearing our towels. There’s only one stall left, and I’m going to be late for class! I ask if I can go first, but you’re going to be late for class too, so you refuse. I really don’t want to be late, so I suggest we go together. I don’t really mind showering with a stranger, as long as you keep your hands to yourself, and this way we can both get to class on time. We both undress and step into the stall. You watch me soap up my body while we get more and more comfortable with each other. No touching though – I still have to go to class! When we get out of the showers, I’m shocked to find that my towel is gone. Oh my god, what am I going to do? Someone could walk in at any minute and see me naked! I might have to walk down the hallways in the nude, and everyone will see me! I frantically search the room for something to cover up with, getting more and more embarrassed as I realize what I might have to do. Finally, you suggest that we share your towel. I agree without hesitation – I desperately don’t want anyone else to see me naked! We leave the showers with the towel wrapped around both of us. As we walk down the hallway, I recognize someone I know. That girl is such a bitch, if she sees what’s happening, she’ll tell everyone! But maybe if she thinks we’re dating then she won’t care … quick, let’s make out! I press my body up against yours and we start to make out in the hallway. When she finally leaves, we awkwardly maneuver back to my dorm. I can’t believe we made it! But I’m late for class now, and my professor is mean to students who show up late … in that case, I’m just going to skip. You decide to skip too, and we sit down in my room together to play some video games. We don’t need to put on any clothes – we’ve already seen each other naked anyway! I suggest we make things more interesting with a little competition. We’ll play a mini game in Mario Party, and whoever wins can ask the other person to do whatever they want! You agree and we start to play. You’re really good at Mario Party, though! You win the first round, and your prize is to tickle me. You search my body for the places that I’m most ticklish – my stomach, my boobs, my inner thighs, my feet. I finally push you off, and vow to get back at you. We play another round, but you win again! This time, you want to touch my boobs. I’m not a sore loser, so I lean back and let you feel me up. I’m determined to win the third game, but you’re too good at this. Your prize this time is to go down on me. I’m surprised at first, but more than happy to oblige. I lay back and spread my legs, revealing my pussy that’s already getting creamy. You lick my pussy while I spread it for you, moaning. You stop before I can cum. Okay, that’s it! Now I’m getting serious! We play one final mini game, and this time, I finally win. I can ask you to do whatever I want, right? Well then … I want you to finish what we started. Fuck me. I lay on my back so you can slide your cock inside of my soaking wet pussy, and you fuck me hard in missionary. Then I tell you to lay down so I can show you what I can do. I get on top of you and ride your cock until we both cum. I think I need to take another shower … want to come with me? Let’s bring an extra towel this time, though.

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