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Scene One: Best Night of Rest

I am just a simple guy with a really hot Step-Mom. Since I hit puberty I have wanted to fuck my step-mother, but I did not know how, until now…Step-Mom has a napping problem…If there is the smallest sound in the house she will wake up and then have trouble falling resting again. Her doctor prescribed napping pills to solve all her napping issues…

When I came home from school, Step-Mom sat me down for a chat…She was wearing a tiny outfit that barely fit her large breasts…I have jerked off so many times thinking of those large round mounds…Step-Mom is still talking but I am not paying attention, so I drop a pen on the floor…I pretend to pick up the pen when I notice Step-Mom is not wearing panties…I have a clear view of her bush!!! My dick gets hard but then she quickly closes her legs…I come back up to the table and she hands me her pills and asks for a glass of water…

When I walked into the kitchen, I thought of a dirty little plan…Why give Step-Mom one pill when 2 pills would work so much better??? The drink is mixed and handed over to Step-Mom…I make sure she drinks every drop and watch her go to bed for a long nap…

…I waited for an hour, then went to check on her and saw her in deep rest.

I sneaked up to her, removed the sheet and saw her in front of me, completely at my mercy.

I removed my own pants and had my dick hard and ready to fuck my step-mom, but I had a feeling like something was going to go bad, so i thought of going a bit slow today, start from smaller things, like touching her tits.

I removed her nightgown and watched her glorious body, those tits, damn, it made me hornier, then I saw her pussy, it made me so hard that I wanted to penetrate her right there, but I somehow restrained myself and went slowly to her mouth and kissed her, she tasted so good that I kissed and kissed her once again until I was so horny that I took my dick to her mouth and touched her lips with my dick, then inserted it into her mouth, then her glorious vagina, I fucked her with passion, that was actually the first time I had sex. I went on and on until I could not hold it inside anymore and I burst my cum into her mouth, I was scared that she would have woken, but instead for my surprise, she swallowed my cum, I thought to myself that it must have been an reflex.

I instantly put her nightgown on her, put the sheet on her and cleaned her mouth and left her room.

Scene Two: Cleaning My Room

Next morning I woke up and went to check on my step-mom and see if she would get angry with me over what I did or she would continue doing what she does every day. For my luck she did not freak out when seeing me, she just greeted me.

“Hey step-mom had a good night rest?” I asked while having an evil grin on my face.

“You know, I have not had rest like this in FOR EVER, doctor said that these pills would be effective, but this is something else,” she answered with happy face on, “and why are you grinning, is something wrong with me?”

“Oh no no step-mom, you look great, greater than usually, if I were not your step-son I would scream sexy at you!” I complimented her and added, “By the way step-mom, I gave you 2 pills instead of 1, I read on the internet that it won’t hurt you, only will make your rest better enjoyable.”

Step-Mom wanted to do some laundry and went into my room to gather my clothes, but first she asked for a glass of lemonade. I slipped in a couple pills into her drink and mixed it up. Handed over the glass to Step-Mom and waited…

About a hour later…

I find Step-Mom napping on my bed, exposed in all her nude Glory. I checked to see if she was out and she passed. Next my pecker pulled out and took care of Step-Mom the way only a Loving Step-Son could. My has the tightest pussy and best Milf Tits! Good thing she swallows too!!!

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