Cory Chase in Moms Love Anal

From: Jerky Wives

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Scene 1: Cory is on the phone with her husband, getting the message that he has to go out of town again and miss their date night. She gets off the phone and sighs, looking at a picture of she and her husband in a frame. She gets up and goes into the family room, where her son is. He sees that shes unhappy, and he asks her if everything is OK. She tells him that his Dad is going out of town…again. He motions for her to come over, and surprisingly pulls her over. He hugs her, tells her everything is going to be OK. His hands are all over her body – her tits, her ass and he has her naked. She starts to jerk him off, but she stops herself, shaking her head. She says, “I can’t do this” and gets up, but when she looks down at her son’s beautiful hard-on, she can’t help herself. She kneels in front of him and says, “just this one time”, and gives him an amazing blowjob.

Scene 2: Later that evening, Cory is in the shower, trying to cool herself off. She’s walks out of the shower with a towel on, and we’re watching through the cracked door. He decides to just open the door, and Cory says, “Luke, What are you doing?” He says, “I couldn’t just let you get me off, Mom. That’s just not fair” and he stripes of the towel and bends his mother over. He fucks her against the counter – first facing him, then bending over so he can fuck her from behind. Mom then reaches for the lube and tells her Son what to slide his cock into her tight ass…

Scene 3: It’s the early morning. We see Cory asleep with her son in his bed. He looks at her, but decides to not push his luck. He gets out of bed and goes into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

He returns with ropes and ties his mom to the bed. He wakes her up but Mom is ready. Cory says, “come down here and fuck Mommy in her ass. I need my son’s hard cock inside me this morning!”. They fuck on the floor, and then Cory turns over, and has him fuck her doggy, where he creampies her.

Scene 4: It’s the evening and Cory comes home from work. She’s in a business suit with a skirt, and comes in the door, walking into her bedroom. As she opens the closet, she calls to her son, yelling for him to come in. She tells him, “it was so hot being at work today, filled with my son’s cum. I’ve been thinking about your cock all day”. She hikes up her skirt, showing those gorgeous legs in thigh highs. She bends over and asks, “did you miss Mommy?” He says, “yes” and she says, “show me!”. He turns her around, roughly, and bends her over the bed, hiking up her skirt. She climbs on the bed, getting on all fours, and her son starts to fuck her – Cory is screaming for him to fuck her harder, she wants it, needs it so bad. He pulls out and lays his cock between her ass cheeks, rubbing it against her asshole. He spreads his mom’s cheeks wide and eases it in, and Cory lets looks with a spew of nasty talk. He uses her shirt for leverage, ramming her harder and harder. She turns and says, I want to ride that cock… and she rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then she knees off the bed and tells him to paint Mommy’s face, that she wants to be his cumslut.

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