Willow Grace

Willow Grace – My Stepmoms Juicy Tits Complete Series HD 720p

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This is the full and complete series of My Stepmoms Juicy Tits, this series stars Willow Grace.

Part 1
It had only been a little while since my new stepmom Willow moved in with me and my step-dad. Since she moved in I’ve been constantly distracted by her big beautiful juicy tits! It doesn’t help that she always wears low cut shirts and is always super sweet and nice to me which to me comes off as flirty. Every time I turn around and try and see her talk to her all I can imagine is hurt it’s bouncing up and down in front of me. Me and her had developed a pretty good friendship so that was nice but it was always hard to be around her because the erection was constantly poking through my pants. One day I was leaving for school and she was walking out back in a bikini to go work on her tan, we made some small talk and of course I undressed her with my eyes. Then I left for school but unfortunately even though I had gone to school my erection had not gone away. After a little while I couldn’t take it anymore an excuse myself to the bathroom and later was caught by the principle jerking off in the bathroom and of course he called my step-mom to come pick me up. We didn’t talk on the way home but once we walked into the house she has a friend would say ask me what the heck was going on and I just told her the truth. Ever since she moved in I couldn’t concentrate or focus all I could think about was her amazing breasts and how bad I just wanted to play with them. I told her I was jerking off in the bathroom because I couldn’t get her out of my head. She got a stunned look on her face and then got quiet for a moment then she told me to go wait in her bedroom and she would be in to talk to me. A few minutes later she came in the bedroom and told me that she was going to help me get this out of my system and told me to take my pants off. I was super excited and didn’t really understand what was happening but I did as I was told so there I was sitting in my parents bedroom half naked with a rock hard cock. She took off her shirt kept her pants on and sat down wearing only her bra, she then told me to stroke it and so I did and for the next couple minutes she jiggled and bounced her breasts inside her bra while I eagerly jerked off. It didn’t take me too long to finish and once I was done she said from now on if I need any help getting those thoughts out of my head just to let her know and she of course insisted that this stay between us and that my step-dad not find out. I eagerly agreed and couldn’t wait for the next time that I would be able to stroke it looking at her tits!

Part 2
I did what my stepmom Willow asked, I focused on school all day and once it got out I went straight home. When I walked into the kitchen, I found Willow texting on her phone, we made some small talk and I brought up our secret agreement with my rewards. She smiled and told me to head to her bedroom and she would be in shortly. She came in and I was sitting on the chair the way she wanted, she took her shirt off and was wearing a great bra that showed off her perfect tits. She lowered herself down in between my legs and started to stroke my cock. Having my stepmom jerk me off felt amazing and before long she had me cumming while I starred at her perfect juicy tits.

Part 3
I had another great day at school so when i got home all i could think about was the reward i was getting from my stepmom willow. I found her in the kitchen and we made some small talk and the told me to go get undress and wait in her room. she came in to the room and quickly took off her shirt and pants, so when she was only in her bra and panties she quickly dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. When she had been going hard for a few minutes i asked her if she could take her tits out and she did! before long my topless stepmom swallowed my load, i cant wait for tomorrow after school.

Part 4
Today when i came home from school i found my stepmom Willow waiting for me in the kitchen. we made small talk then headed back to her bedroom for my daily afterschool award! today was even better because i got to pound her brains out! Now every day after school i come straight home and spend the rest of the afternoon fucking my stepmom before my step-dad gets home from work!
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