Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks – Discovering her Step-Brother HD 720p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Part 1

Summer is in her room feeling really down when her step-brother Rion comes in to check on her. She tells him that she had sex with her boyfriend and it was not what she expected. Now the asshole is going around telling people what a slut she is to cover up for how much he sucked. Rion tells her she is better than him, she is the hottest girl in school and everything to make her feel better, and it leads them to realize something…

Part 2

Summer can’t stop thinking about how Rion made her feel. When she fucked her boyfriend the first time it was awkward and didn’t even feel good, but her step-brother made her cum, harder than she knew she could and now she can’t think about anything else. Finally one night after their parents go to bed she slips into Rion’s room. She can see he resting and must be having a good dream because his cock is making a tent of the covers. She has been wanting to do something she never did before so she slips his cock in her mouth and does’t stop when he wakes up, she doesn’t stop till he blows inside her mouth. With a sweet smile, and cum dripping down her lips, Summer tells him she’s never had cum in her mouth. It is obvious she likes it, alot. And, Rion wants to show how much he appreciates it by eating her pussy until she cums, and, with his dick rock hard again, they fuck and it is amazing
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