Stevie Foxx

Stevie Foxx – Back From College HD 720p

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My slutty step-sister is back from college and as she sits with her legs all spread in front of me, she notices that I have grown a lot since the last time she saw me. She even asks if I still masturbate as often as I used to, making me feel really uncomfortable, but she reassures me that it’s completely normal. Besides, she masturbates all of the time. In fact, she was just doing it upstairs. She is still really horny because she can’t get off without toys and she wants me to help her. This is really weird for me, but once she removes her shorts, I have a very hard time resisting her. Especially after she tells me that she could really use something inside of her, like my finger. Nobody will know and she is just so wet! As she is fucking my fingers, she thanks me for doing this for her and she starts rubbing her clit. Soon she wants me to stick a third finger inside of her as she moans and cums, squeezing my fingers with her tight pussy. Next, she decides that it’s my turn to get off. She offer to lick my balls while I jerk my dick and I can’t help but let her…it just feels so good! She wants to help even more as she puts my hard cock in her mouth and slides her mouth up and down it, getting it dripping wet. Sucking my dick has made her even hornier and saw wants to cum again by having my dick inside her. She starts bouncing up and down on my dick as she moans and she tells me again how much I have grown up. After a while I start fucking her as she lies back with her legs spread wide open for me, rubbing herself and moaning how deep inside of her I am. I start fucking her harder and faster with her legs pinned back, making her cum with just my cock. I can’t help it and I cum inside of her as I watch my cum slowly drip out of her pussy and she tells me to go get a towel for her.
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