Stephie Staar

Stephie Staar – STEP-SISTER’S SEX PREP – Part 2 HD 1080p

In part 2, your step-sister continues her experimentation to which you gladly offered your help. It’s obvious she’s a natural the way she moves her head up and down your hard cock. The two of you take a break from the sloppy BJ and try out a few sex positions, cowgirl and doggy, before Stephie decides to finish you off by continuing the sloppy blow job. It doesn’t take much longer to get you to explode a nice load into her mouth. Looks like you’re both ready to start your sexual experiences in college. Or was there something else Stephie wanted to teach you about?

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Stephie Staar – Sibling Sex HD 1080p

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Sexy Stephie Staar is in the bathroom, finishing up her makeup. She walks into her Brother Conor’s room, and plops down on the bed. “Hey, do you know where Mom & Dad went?” Conor tells Stephie that they went out to dinner. Stephie tells Conor that she hopes they get back soon, it’s summer vacation, and she really wants to go out and do something. Stephie walks out into the living room, and lays down on the couch, watching TV. Conor walks in, “What are you watching Sis?” He sits on the couch, and they begin to playfully hit each other with pillows. Conor and Stephie sit on the couch, extremely bored.. “I can’t believe they left us here with nothing to do.” Conor tells Stephie that he bets they just dragged them along on one of their swinger vacations, and they are probably out fucking other people. Stephie laughs, and says “Maybe we should do the same?” Stephie is holding a long round pillow, and pretends to stroke it. Conor looks confused, “What? There aren’t a lot of swinger couples our age…and we are unmarried siblings, I don’t know how that would work.” Stephie suggests that they can go into the other room…and “Keep each other busy”. Conor laughs it off. “We could go somewhere, and try to get laid.” Conor tells her that may be a little weird, plus their parents may be home anytime. They both sit bored out of their minds on the couch. Conor drifts off to rest, and Stephie starts to mess with him while he’s resting. She pulls his cock out of his shorts, while he is resting. Stephie starts to suck Conor’s cock as he is resting on the couch…completely unaware his own Sister is blowing him right now. Conor slowly wakes up, surprised. “What the fuck, Stephie?” Stephie glares at Conor, “What? Mom is getting some dick, I need some dick, too.” Stephie tells Conor that she is not spending the first day of vacation dickless, plus he is already he probably likes it. Conor is a little hesitant, but extremely horny now… “I mean… I do need to get off, but no-one could know- like, ever.” They decide to go to their parents bed, to get back at them. Stephie pushes Conor back on the bed, and starts to suck his cock. She strokes and sucks him, and licks his balls. Conor tells Stephie to get on the bed, and she bends over the bed. “You have a great ass, Sis.” Conor begins to kiss his Sister’s ass, and lick her pussy. Conor flips her over, and begins to kiss and lick her breasts. Stephie sucks his cock more, and Conor starts to eat her out and finger her. Conor gets Stephie nice and wet, and shoves his cock deep in her tight pussy. Conor kisses his Sister, and fucks her harder. Stephie pulls her legs behind her head, as Conor fucks her. Stephie climbs on top of Conor and begins to ride his cock. Conor thrusts in and out of her while she is on top. Stephie bends over, and Conor shoves his cock in her pussy. She moans in pleasure as Conor thrusts in and out of her tight pussy. Stephie lays on her back again, and lifts her legs over her head as Conor fucks her. Conor fucks Stephie on top until he cums all over her pussy. “Wow, good idea Sis…” Stephie gasps as she hears their parents walk in… “Oh, fuck!”
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