Nicole Kitt

Andi Rose, Nicole Kitt – Mean Office Girls Submission to the IT HD 1080p

Andi and Nicole are the two meanest girls in the office. Half the technical issues with the computer system is from them not using it properly the way Jay the company IT guy has told them, but they always blame him for everything they mess up. Finally Jay adjusts the system so Andi and Nicole won’t cause anymore problems and will finally do what he says.

First Day – Obery orders, expose themselves and masturbate

Second Day – Wearing sexier clothes, Fondling, Oral Submission

Third Day – Even Sexier Clothes, Subconscious Masturbation, full stripping, spreading, fondling, masturbation, full sexual submission

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Nicole Kitt, Crystal Rush – Vampire Convert – I Forgive You For You Have Sinned HD 1080p

Step-Sister Nicole is very devout and having put away the sinful desires of her youth she had the honor of being selected as one of the churches special division of vampire hunters. Nicole has chosen due the strength of her well trained body and her impeccable faith. She was told that she should understand that she would have to follow extreme and unusual commands from the Step-Father placed in charge of her at her new assignment. She didn’t expect to be held accountable for causing lust in her superior but follows his command when she is ordered to alleviate the carnal desires she sinfully afflicts him with. She trusts the church wouldn’t have made a mistake putting Step-Father Markus in charge of her and her sacred mission. After Nicole leave to prepare for her first hunt Step-Father Markus shows himself to be in imposter and a conman who thinks he has the best gig ever. Vampire Hunters? No accountability and an insane expense account to hunt Vampires??? He can’t believe his luck in pulling the best con of his life! Meanwhile, Step-Sister Nicole’s shaken faith serves her poorly in her first actual encounter with a real vampire.

The seductive vampire mistress Crystal wants Nicole to give in completely before changing her. She senses just how strong Nicole is and wants her complete surrender

Nicole is all but ready to give in but Crystal wants to take all the time and and pleasure she can before Nicole’s conversion

“Step-Father” Markus funds himself shackles in the creepy dungeon under the church. Step-Sister Nicole and some other hot chick in lingerie comes stalking in. He tries to talk but has his words and will taken away

Crystal and Nicole take their final pleasures from what will be Nicole’s first victim

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Nicole Kitt – Ruthless Corporate Climber is given some New Thoughts HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Nicole is intelligent, educated, confident and ambitious. She’s also a mean ruthless bitch that thinks WAY to highly of herself and thinks WAY to little about her co-workers. Maybe it’s time someone helped her think a bit differently

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Nicole Kitt – Dance Teacher shows Her Secret Talents to the School Photographer HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Miss Kitt takes dance very seriously. She may be the strictest most serious teacher in the school. Of course she is willing to pose for the schools yearbook photos, to promote the arts, but Mr. Masters the photography teacher is kind of a joke in the school since no one develops photos anymore. He even is taking pictures with a camera phone now!

He does seem to have a talent for getting the faculty to reveal their own secret talents on camera though.

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