Jasmine Grey

Jasmine Grey – Blackmailing My Step-Sister: Part 2 HD 1080p

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters

Now my step-sister’s stopped camming, and she thinks that means she’s off the hook with me. Far from it. Now I have footage of her stealing money from step-mom and step-dad. I wonder which will infuriate them more: knowing their precious princess used her computer to sell her body to strangers, or finding out the spoiled slut has been stealing their hard-earned savings? Jasmine certainly doesn’t want to find out, and she gives into me once again.
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Jasmine Grey – The Tutor HD 1080p

Llewyn has been waiting for Jasmine to show up for their tutoring session. She finally walks in the door 45 minutes late, and to make matters worse, couldn’t care less. She then begins to demand answers to the next test instead of him actually teaching her. Her blatant disrespect toward Llewyn is about to come to an end and be turned around though because has a new app that will not only mesmerize her, but will train her for something she deserves.

Llewyn and Jasmine meet at her parents house to study, only Llewyn has something different in mind for her to work on.
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Jasmine Grey – Slutty Bitch Reprogrammed Step-Daughter HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role Play, step father, step daddy, step daughter, Brunette, Asian, BRAT GIRLS, HOUSECLEANING, SLUT TRAINING, MAGIC CONTROL, MESMERIZE, FEMALE TRAINING

When Jasmine’s step dad creates a device that can alter someone’s attitude, he uses it on his disobeying, slutty step daughter to get her to do her chores.. and her step-mom’s chores. All he has to do is say the “magic word”
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