Freya Von Doom


Hell hath no wrath like a woman’s scorn and Freya Von Dooms’s mom is no exception. When her stepfather Peter Fitzwell allows her to go to a party that he was specifically supposed to bar her from, his wife lays into him hard. On Father’s day too! She tells him the holiday is totally ruined AND he is not getting any sex either! Freya overhears the whole heated argument and can’t help but feel guilty. She sneakily gets Peter’s attention and brings him to her room. Peter is not expecting it when his stepdaughter spreads her legs & begins to touch herself. Freya grabs her stepdad’s hand and presses it against her pussy. She wants to see her stepdad jerk it so they both masturbate & watch each other. Freya wants to suck her stepfather’s fat cock and uses both hands to wank him before gobbling his dick. Her stepdad penetrates her, Freya’s little pussy creams up as she bounces on Pete’s meat. Her tight hole is thoroughly stretched as she is pounded into orgasm by her stepdad. Freya tells her stepfather to cum in her and so he unleashes a big load and creampies his stepdaughter’s pulsing pussy. This was looking like a great holiday… until Peter’s wife walked in on them… Happy Father’s Day folks!

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Freya Von Doom – I Fucked a Nerd and I Liked It HD 1080p

From: Taboo Family Affairs

Freya’s normal routine when she gets up is to hangout on the couch until her coffee is ready. She is so involved in her phone she doesn’t even notice her step-brother’s friend Patrick sitting there. “Hello Freya” he says surprising her. He explains that he knows her from their English class and he’s waiting on her step-brother.

Patrick notices her breasts through her open pajama top and blushes when he points it out. “Haven’t you seen boobs before?” she asks laughing. He tells her he’s never seen a girl naked and he’s still a virgin. Feeling mischievous and horny, she moves in for a closer look at her step-brother’s geek friend.

I think Patrick is about to lose his virginity…

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Freya Von Doom – Peeping Stepbrother HD 1080p

From: Taboo Family Affairs

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Johnny bought the drone he’s been wanting and is excited to try it out. He fires it up and flies it into the bathroom to spy on his step-sister Freya showering. She laughs and tells Johnny to stop being a pervert. He lands his drone and walks into the bathroom shower with her. Freya tells Johnny he can’t be in the shower with clothes on and says he should take them off.

Freya kneels and starts sucking his cock before Johnny places her on the bathroom counter and slides inside her tight pussy. With his petite step-sister still on his dick, they move to her bed for more room. Johnny bangs Freya from behind, front and sideways until he cums covering her body from pussy to face.

Guess she’ll need another shower…
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Freya Von Doom – Daddys Poker Night HD 1080p

From: Taboo Diaries

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Got Way Out Of Hand

Dear Diary,

Things have gotten pretty strange around here lately since Daddys last poker game. Every week my uncle comes over to play with step-dad and his friends. This time a couple of the guys canceled so they asked me to join. Step-Daddy folded on the biggest of the night and stormed off to bed leaving me with uncle Jay.

I had a great Full Home so I was sure I was gonna win but Uncle Jay made it more than I could afford to call. Rather than fold I teasingly offered my top, sure I was going to win. Sure enough my luck ran out, uncle Jay had 4 aces so I lost my top. Sure my luck would change I went double or nothing for my bottoms and ended up naked. Thats when it got weird.

I found myself offering sexual favors in hopes I’d lose and I did. Within minutes my fantasies of my uncles cock came to life as we pleased each other orally in Daddys kitchen. That was so hot but still I needed more and so did uncle Jay.

He entered my tiny pussy right there on the counter then I wrapped my arms around his neck while riding him. Uncle Jay spun me onto the poker table and really pounded me hard. I’m surprised my moans didn’t wake Step-Daddy especially when Uncle Jay exploded inside me. Hopefully step-daddy doesn’t find out I like fucking uncle Jay better than I do him.

Xo Freya
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Freya Von Doom – As Soon As Daddy Left HD 720p

From: Taboo Diaries

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Brunette, BLOWJOB, MIDGETS, ORAL SEX, Cumshot, Teen, Teens, Petite, Small Tits

My Uncle Came To See Me

Dear Diary,

The morning after poker night with my uncle I was sleeping in a bit. Apparently my uncle waited for daddy to leave then he slipped quietly into my room. He slid into bed with me and woke me up by gently fondling my private parts. When I finally woke up completely he had me so turned on I made use of his morning wood.

I sat on his face and let him pleasure my pussy while I sucked his cock, man I came so hard. I slid his cock into my tight tiny pussy and rode him til I came again then he laid me on my back. Uncle Jay pounded my little pussy so good we both came at almost the same time. At least he remembered to pull out this time and shot his massive load on my belly. I’m still worried about last night though, the last thing I need is to get knocked up.

Xo Freya Von Doom
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