Ella Dearest

Ella Dearest – Fucking My Older Cousin HD 1080p

My older cousin is staying over Ive wanted his cock for ages, so i sneak into his room and pretend I had a bad dream so I need to get in bed with him. I start sucking his cock under the covers he pulls them off and I beg him not to stop me, I then convince him to let me fuck his cock and I promise I won’t tell but he has to agree to let me have his cock anytime I want it

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Ella Dearest – Mummy Swears You Too Secrecy HD 1080p

You would play my mother, and I’d be your son. I come home from school early one day, and I happen to peek into your bedroom to see you completely naked, and sucking someone’s cock. Your whole body is covered it some strange liquid, and your body shines because of it. The man you’re sucking cums, and suddenly goes limp. That’s when you see me, and i quickly run away. A little while later, you sit me down to talk with me about what I saw. As it turns out, my mom is actually an agent for MI6, or you can make up an agency if you’d like that man held vital information you needed, but was also a liability. The oil covering your body is a truth serum that is toxic to men in large amounts. In order for it to have the intended effect, you had to apply the oil to your whole body. What man wouldn’t want to spend his last moments gazing at an oiled up woman like that? He had to be eliminated. You make me swear to secrecy that I will not tell anyone what I saw, or i might end up like him. I swear, and you couldn’t help but notice how turned on I am. To sweeten the deal, you tell me to drop my pants. You’ll stroke my cock to “buy” my silence, so to speak. You’d then use a prop to stroke until I cum, to your delight

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