Elena Xatzi

Christy White, Elena Xatzi – Stepfamily Stories: The Garden Orgy HD 1080p


In this week’s instalment we’re turning up the naughtiness with “Stepfamily Stories: The Garden Orgy”! You know, those secretive taboo desires most have, but few get to experience.

A conversation in the backyard has Christy White asking her stepmother, Elena Xatzi, for a favor. The sexy blonde minx wants to bring her boyfriend over to meet the family. However, she is afraid that her father will decline and so Elena tells her that she will handle her father. Sure enough, when she tells him about it, he says no! But seductive Elena can be really persuasive and gets her husband to eventually agree. Christy is ecstatic by the news but there’s a catch. Her stepmother must meet him and approve of him first!

A few hours pass and the boyfriend (Nek Sinner) shows up at the house. He introduces himself and sits down for a talk with stepmom. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this horny MILF is always on the lookout for fresh meat! Therefore, the boyfriend looks to take advantage and suggests that stepmom should try him out for herself! He whips out his big cock in the garden and stepmom gets down on her knees to have a little taste of cock, while stepdaughter Christy is on the lookout for her clueless father, who is outside watering the plants. Stepmom then switches with her stepdaughter and after a couple of minutes, she tells her husband to go water the plants on the other side of the house. Now, they have the freedom to do what they want and take turns on the boyfriend’s cock!

Meanwhile, the stepson finds a strap-on in the sauna and goes outside, only to catch both his stepmom and sister in the act! Stepmom quickly diffuses the situation by adding him and the strap-on to the ongoing fun! This is a stepfamily fuckfest story like no other, with facials as the finishing touch!

Watch what horny stepfamilies really get up to in their own home. Featuring Elena Xatzi, Christy White and the rest of the cast spreading the love, while spreading their legs in “Stepfamily Stories: The Garden Orgy”.
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