Carissa Montgomery

Dixie Comet / Tina Lee Comet, Cadence Lux, Carissa Montgomery – Sleazy Modeling Agent’s Dirty Mind Control

From: That Kinky Girl

Uptight teacher, Carissa, comes by Tina’s modeling agent to inform her that she’s heard about what sort of a sleazy business she’s running and doesn’t approve of her being so close to the college and recruiting young college girls. Her niece goes to that college and she doesn’t want her to be corrupted by people like Tina. Tina assures her that she only does tasteful, mainstream fashion modeling and offers to show her some of her work to calm her fears. Once she gets Carissa in front of her laptop, however, she promptly mesmerizes her and convinces her to try modeling herself. She has Carissa pose for some pictures and even gets her to strip down to her bra and panties. Carissa is so excited about modeling that Tina convinces her to come back the following week to continue.

Later, Tina finds Cadence in her office and can’t help but admire her beautiful body. Cadence introduces herself as a reporter for the local paper who is doing a story about Tina exploiting the models that work for her. Tina insists that her work is all above board and that she is performing a service by helping her models pay for college. Cadence admits that she herself did some modeling when she was younger but had to give it up because her agent wanted her to pose nude and her boyfriend at the time didn’t approve. Tina offers to show her her portfolio and when Cadence agrees Tina quickly mesmerizes her and convinces her to give modeling another try. Once they start taking photos, Tina assures Cadence that she’s in a safe space and should explore what could have been with her career by getting naked and taking some more risque photos. Cadence does some posing and Tina invites her back the following week to look over the photos they’ve taken.

When Carissa returns the following week she’s concerned that Tina has sent her the wrong files with some of the pictures and videos she forwarded to her for reference. She explains that some of them had women doing disgusting things with each other and they looked like hardcore lesbian pornography. Tina mesmerizes her and convinces her that she is to be turned on by the idea of having sex with women and aroused by the photos. She has her pose for more photos and this time convinces her to get nude and to even masturbate. After, Tina asks her to come back again and do a shoot with another model and Carissa agrees.

When Cadence comes back, Tina convinces her that perhaps she doesn’t need men at all and is a lesbian. She takes more photos of her nude, this time doing explicit spread poses and also masturbating. She invites her back to do a shoot with Carissa and offers to be her agent if she’d like to get back into modeling as a career. Cadence excitedly agrees.

On the day of their shoot together, Tina mesmerizes both Cadence and Carissa and tells them that they are now lesbians. Cadence is to be her newest lesbian porn star while Carissa will continue to teach but also strip and be a lesbian call girl at night. They both love having dirty, raunchy lesbian sex and love fucking each other. She snaps them back and they agree to do a lesbian three way scene with Tina and each other in order for Cadence to practice for her new career. They enthusiastically have sex with each other while Tina instructs them and jumps in to get her pussy licked as well. After they’ve all had several orgasms and are spent, Tina puts them under for one last bit of instruction. They are both to recruit straight girls and bring them to Tina to convert into lesbian porn stars, Cadence using the perk of her new job as a porn star and Carissa by bringing girls from the college, starting with her niece.
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