Brielle Day

Brielle Day / BrielleDay – Forbidden Fruit – Daughter’s Best Friend HD 1080p

Your daughter’s best friend from college walks in the door and startles you! She tells you that your daughter will be home soon, she just needed to run to a friend’s house really quick. After learning that you are both alone, she decides to take a chance and admit that she’s had a crush on you for a very, very long time… then she starts to strip. You just sit there, shocked, and start to get hard as she tells you all the naughty things she would do to you if given the chance. She BEGS you to fuck her and promises not to tell anyone as long as you make her dream come true, daddy. She fingers herself until she’s soaking wet then lays back in the chair, ready for you. You give in, fucking her hard and making her cum… but she craves more. You get on your knees, lick her pussy then she climbs on top to ride you, with her boobs bouncing in your face. She wants you to cum inside of her…she NEEDS it. And you drive her absolutely wild. You both explode together then hurry and clean up before you get caught!

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