Bridgette B

Bridgette B, Ivy Wolfe, Shyla Jennings – Dear Intruder HD 1080p

Synopsis: Bridgette B has an intruder fantasy, she finds like-minded people on the dark web and puts on an advertisement. Bridgette’s step-daughter sees this and uses the opportunity to seduce her scared but oh-so-aroused stepmother. Cameo: Ivy Wolfe.

“To the faceless members of intruder board, I must confess my deepest darkest fantasy. The feeling of being completely vulnerable turns me on. I can feel my panties getting wet from dreaming about the sexy feeling of complete submission, not the type that is controlled like a 50 shades situation, but the adrenaline rush of the danger of being at the mercy of a stranger. I’ll close my eyes tonight and dream of a masked man, an intruder to bring me to my knees with painful pleasure. Love, ‘B'”

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Bridgette B – The Photography Student HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

The Photography Teacher would be the one to take the faculty year book pictures. But, Rion has come to have suspicions about Mr Master’s favorite camera. Miss B is one of the strictest teachers in school, and normally Rion would NOT want to try to ask her to do anything. But the boy decides that if he can at least convince her that he is supposed to take the year book photos…well maybe he will see if his suspicions about the camera are true

Once Rion sees how the camera works he decides not to push his luck, but he has to come back the next day and see if his suggestion to Miss B comes true. When it does the student decides to see how far he can go each time he comes back
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Bridgette B – Bitch Face’s Hostile Takeover HD 720p

From: Primal’s Dark Reflections

Bridgette has been aiming to not only be the regional sales manager, but the production manager as well. But some spineless wimp who has been with the company forever is in her way. She has been spying on him, and learned he has to take medication to keep from getting worked up. It would be a shame if someone really upset him, after hours, when there is no one around to help him…

When she slaps his pills out of his hand and sees him on the floor clutching his chest, she starts contemplating how she will redo his office and spend her huge new salary. Except a bad heart isn’t why her “victim” takes the pills….

Bridgette cant resist him as he bends over the desk. Explaining how she is going to get fucked into submission. Bridgette has never been fucked so hard in her life, her pussy orgasms even as she feels like she’s being destroyed. His dick is like iron pounding her soft pussy and then he fills her with a scorching hot load.

Bridgette thinks he is done, but he is a monster, he her on to her knees and fucks her throat, telling her what her place is. She almost gags as another scorching load hits the back of her throat. She looks up in complete submission and is told to crawl out and go get ready to work late.

Bridgette understands her place now. Considering what she tried Bridgette thinks she is lucky to still be alive, much less have a job. As far as everyone knows, she is still the big shot she was before. But once everyone is gone, she takes on her true role. She tested the wrong man, and now she will serve him, in EVERY way, for the rest of her life.

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