Alison Rey

Alison Rey – fathers day special HD 720p

Alison is dressed in her cute I love step-daddy onesies and playing in her room when step-daddy tells her he is going out with step-mommy for fathers day. “but step-daddy what about my girl for you” She says. “You can give that anything”

“but i want to now” she says as she starts playing with step-daddy’s cock. she then sucks and fucks step-daddy tell he blows all over his cute step-daughter

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Alison Rey – Making Mom Jealous Of My Step-Brother And Me HD 1080p

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Lily watches her step-son, Nathan, works out outside. As she does, her hand slides over her giant tits and starts rubbing her tight pussy through her loose yoga pants. Her daughter, Alison, catches her. Lily claims she wasn’t masturbating to her step son. Alison smiles, and says, then you wouldn’t mind if I fuck him. Lily storms off in anger. Alison doesn’t miss any chance to annoy her mom. She pulls Nathan into her room and throws him on the bed. She takes out his cock and gets is nice and soaked with spit before she climbs atop him and works his cock with her pussy. Hearing what is happening, Lily stands right outside Alison’s open bedroom door. She pulls out her immense, tattooed tits and starts playing with her nipples as she catches glimpses of Nathan naked and images him fucking her. She even starts rubbing her pussy as she imagines her step son pounding her the way he is pounding his step sister. Just as Nathan explodes all over Alison’s ass, Lily has her own, quiet orgasm, just outside the door.
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Alison Rey – Your Naughty, BARELY-LEGAL STEP SIS Gives You A HANDJOB HD 1080p

From: The Manojob Store

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters

When your step-dad married Alison Rey’s step-mom, let’s face it — you were psyched. Why? Cause this barely-legal, hot little piece of ass made it clear from your very first meeting that she was a slut. When she and her step-mom moved in, sure enough, you were right. The first morning she walked around in a tiny little thing and wife beater, hard nips and all, like she had been living there for years. She’s been coming on to you ever since, and since you’re both adults, why not let her stroke you off? After all, a hand job isn’t sex, right? And she’s not your “real” step-sister, right? No wonder you’re pre-cumming so hard before you finally pop!!!
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Alison Rey, Dixie Comet / Tina Lee Comet – Magic Makes The Babysitter A Lesbian HD 1080p

From: That Kinky Girl

Alison has stopped by Dixie’s house to pick up her last check from her summer of babysitting for her before she heads off to start college. She surprised that the aren’t there to say goodbye but Dixie explains that they are with their deadbeat step-father for the weekend. She continues to tell Alison about all the exciting adventures she can have when she’s away at college. She tells her that it was in her own college days that she first experimented with having sex with girls and thought that she might be a lesbian and suggest that the same might happen for Alison. This makes Alison feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and she starts to get up to leave when she can’t help but notice the necklace that Dixie is wearing. It sort of stops Alison in her tracks the way Dixie is fingering it and moving it around and how it is sparkling more intensely than anything she can imagine. She loses her train of thought and her words trail off as she stairs deeper and deeper into the crystal amulet.

Dixie smiles to herself as she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s had a horny eye on the babysitter all summer and this was her last chance to use her magic to get a taste. She puts Alison under her spell with her magic amulet and then proceeds to have her way with her. First she gets her undressed and spends some time exploring her body. Then she has her play with her pussy to warm herself up as Dixie undresses and prepares to go down on Alison. She flicks her tongue expertly on her clit and brings her to climax, but she isn’t finished yet. She tells Alison that she should return the favor and lays back as she buries her face in her crotch. Alison eats Dixie’s pussy until she has an orgasm of her own and then they kiss as Dixie implants in Alison’s brain that she will experiment with girl while in college and that she will come back to babysit next summer as a much more seasoned and willing participant in their escapades.

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