Missbehavin26 – Using Ur Mom as a Cum bucket HD 1080p

Scene: POV dildo bj scene. Camera angled down to you on your knees. Secure the dildo to something, so you can do a no hands type blow job. If that’s not possible just omit the dildo and just do the dirty talk. A fake cumshot ending is preferred, but not necessary. It doesn’t matter what you wear, I’m pretty sure you could make a burlap bag look sexy haha Roleplay: I’d like you to add a role play element to the video to give context to the scene, but I’d like you to choose the subject and dialogue. I really like your taboo mom videos but it doesn’t have to be that. Dirty talk – Dirty talk is the most important aspect to me. Use a tone that is natural to you and make sure the dirty talk fits the RP subject you choose. I’ll give you examples of what turns me on, but you don’t have to say them verbatim: “make me your personal cum dumpster, fuck my dumb face, drain your balls down my throat, I’m going to empty your balls, shoot your thick load to the back of my throat, use me like a cum recepticle, all I’m good for is sucking your cock, etc.” Please don’t be afraid to be repetitive, especially with phrases like cum dumpster, jizz Target, cock sucker, cum bucket, stuff like that. Please add whatever dirty talk you want, especially if it fits the subject of the role play. I have a tongue fetish too, so sticking your tongue out a lot is good. Okay I think that wraps it up.

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