Xev Bellringer – Slobbery Leather HD 720p

I love teasing you with the thought of my big thighs squeezing into my tight, leather pants. This material doesn’t let my body breath at all though. I’ll get wet and sweaty after I wear them for a while, no doubt. Does that turn you on – slippery, moist leather clinging to my skin? Well then, wouldn’t it be hotter if the pants were soaking on the outside too? You’re getting hard just thinking about it. Lets not put that hard-on to waste. I want to deep throat your cock over and over, so I can produce that delicious ropy spit to pour all over my tight leather pants. Listen to that greedy slurping sound I make while gobbling your cock down! Don’t you just love how slick the leather is now that I’ve doused it in my spit? My thighs just slip around effortlessly when I rub them together, mmm. So shiny and covered in spit bubbles! (720p)Fantasy includes: leather, boots, slobber, spit, drool, wet and messy, deep throat, virtual blowjob, pov, dirty talk

Category: LEATHER
Keywords: spit fetish, spitting, dildo sucking, leather fetish, deep throat.

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