Xev Bellringer – Mind Controlling Your Slutty Sister HD 720p

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The day you came home to find your sister, Xev, banging the entire varsity team was your breaking point. She is the biggest slut in school; there’s no doubt she would let any man between her legs… except for you. Watching her getting plowed hard and deep by all of those horny guys, being used and loving it, filled with load after load, was too much. It wasn’t fair – you had to have her too. Xev just needed a little… persuasion.

A pinch of the Mind Control Powder would make your sister receptive to suggestion, any kind at all. You mixed it into a glass of water and left it in her room. Xev finished the drink – it was time to test out the potion’s effectiveness, so you barged into the room.

She greeted you with her usual snotty disdain, so you confronted her about the secret gangbang. Annoyed by her brother’s interrogation, Xev announced she was leaving the room. You commanded her to stay… and she, in her own bitchy way, actually submitted. It worked! And your sister still believed she had free will. Finally, it was time to have some fun…

You told her to strip down to just her underwear. She did so, annoyed more with the interruption of her rant, than taking her clothes off in front of her brother. Next, you ordered Xev to get on her knees, take your cock out and start stroking. The little slut really had no idea she was under control, but she was perfectly obedient. Her hands felt amazing grabbing and squeezing away at your cock, which made you hard instantly. Your sister’s mouth was next. Besides, a thick cock deep in her throat would be a great way to shut her up.

She was finally giving you what you always wanted. That wet mouth taking your cock in and out was everything you dreamed it would be. The only thing better would be to slip it in that tight little slit between her legs. The one thing she always denied you. You were finally going to fuck your sister.

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