Xev Bellringer – Inebriated Step-Sister Lusts For You HD 1080p

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Your step-sister was drinking a lot tonight, especially for her first time. She flirted with practically every guy at the party, all of her inhibitions were down. You’d never seen your little step-sister like that before. It was time to check up on Xev now that the guests had left.

When you peek through her bedroom door however, she is still chugging away at the bottle… and touching herself. You can’t believe your eyes, but you also can’t look away. If she was this Tipsy, maybe she wouldn’t mind if you watched her a little closer.

Xev slips a hand under her panties and moans in pleasure as you stand over her. Her eyes open and she nearly jumps out of her skin. Your step-sister scrambles in embarrassment, Tipsyenly covering herself, and demands to know why you were watching her masturbate. She takes a swig from the bottle, in an attempt to cope with the mortification.

Modesty turns to anger as she quickly blames you for her uncontrollable lust. None of your friends dare touch Xev out of respect for you. She drinks deeply again and reaches between her legs. Surprised at herself, you step-sister begs you to leave the room. You stay.

Xev can’t keep from rubbing her pussy… her body quivers in pleasure. Pleas for her step-brother to go barely escape her lips as she submits to a powerful orgasm. Shame overtakes her and your step-sister gulps down the remaining contents of the bottle. A renewed lust ignites in her eyes.

It’s clear to you now, the more Xev drinks, the hornier she gets. Your step-sister needs cock and you’re the only man around. You swell and harden in your pants… her eyes are drawn to your groin. She wants you… Xev can barely say it out loud… She gently begs you to fuck her. A good step-brother should always oblige.

Fantasy includes: taboo, step-brother/step-sister, drinking, voyeur, female masturbation, orgasms, desperation, embarrassment, virtual blow job, virtual sex, simulated facial, fake cumshot, pigtails

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