Xev Bellringer – Blackmailing Step-Mommy For Her Big Ass

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You saw it all happen… in Step-Mommy’s bedroom with that other man. She didn’t know you were watching through the door, you were supposed to be up in your room. But she’d been acting strangely, wearing slutty clothes around the house… skirts so short that you couldn’t help but stare at her big ass peaking out. All for the neighbor who was doing dirty things to your step-mother in that room.

You’ve never seen her move like that before, hips undulating rhythmically… her body squirming erotically on the bed while she moaned and gasped. No step-son should see his step-mother this way, but you needed to. The more you witnessed, the more you needed her… to take your step-mother for yourself. Use her. Fuck her.

This was your chance… she was resting on the bed, red stockings clinging to her thick thighs, a tight little dress hitched up past her ample ass. You had to get closer, in bed with her to finally touch those big buns. They were so soft, so jiggly. Every time you squeezed, your step-mother moaned sleepily and your cock got harder. Until she woke up.

Your step-mother was so innocently oblivious of how much she turned you on… and how far her own step-son would go to defile her body. There wasn’t a line you wouldn’t cross for that ass and as much as she’d try to maintain her maternal authority, Step-Mommy would be to give in and bend over for you. After all, you saw her spread those beautiful legs for another man… she would do anything to keep it a secret from your step-father.

Fantasy includes: taboo, virtual sex, blackmail, step-mother/step-son, , upskirt, ass fetish, panty fetish, napping, groping, grinding, confrontation, ass shaking, orgasms, virtual creampie, stockings, pov

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