Tiffany Tailor – Tiffany’s Full Session HD 720p

From: Primal’s Women Entranced

Tiffany is a model and has answered a casting to be a spokes model for our Education Research promotions. She is all smiles and enthusiasm, at first. We did some of our most intense training on this girl.

PART ONE – Initial Conditioning

We bring Tiffany in and out, get her to strip, cat walk, and in and out more and making her go .

PART TWO – Testing her concentration

First we have Tiffany masturbate mindlessly while repeating her mantra until she cums as much as she can possibly handle. Next Tiffany is programmed to agree to let us test her focus and concentration by having her read out of an advance book on philosophy, while being intensely stimulated by the wand. Her attempts to focus are so visible, her efforts to resist cumming and her body jerking and shaking as she gasps between words are all amazing.

PART THREE – “Why am I doing this?”

Tiffany is worshiping cock to get the job as spokes model, but she doesn’t know why she wants the part so badly or why she is willing to worship a total strangers cock. FInally we put her in a mindless state to end her confusion as she gets a huge mouthful of cum that drips out as she recites her mantra.

PART FOUR – Mindless Fuck Slave

Tiffany is now a mindless fuck slave, and she is well used before taking a face full of cum.

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