Nadja Summer

Nadja Summer / NadjaSummer – Renate’s 18jg son seduced!

German MILF Threesome

What to do if no young guy volunteers? Woman takes initiative. Renate’s son next door should come here to fix something. At least he thought so! We dug into him tenderly and slowly. Stroking his head, then his neck, and then exposing us. Maybe he was shy. His first sex with mature women. But he fought bravely, and his young cock was a respectable size! I don’t think he will soon forget this experience!

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Nadja Summer / NadjaSummer – Son-in-law seduced with hooker heels! HD 720p


I bought new hot high heels and I had to try them out immediately to see if the shoes had a stimulating effect and since my son-in-law was already there anyway, he was allowed to start right away… He liked my seduction skills with the heels and his cock quickly got hard in his pants. I didn’t want to keep him in suspense for too long and he was finally allowed to get close to me. Heels stayed on though

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