Nadia White

Nadia White – STEP-DADDY KNOCKED ME UP!!! HD 1080p


Step-Dad confides a Family “situation” to Nadia. Step-Mom and Step-Dad have been wanting to have another baby…but Step-Mom isn’t able to conceive. Step-Dad explains the options…adopting etc…and then he tells Nadia that Step-Mom suggested the possibility of Nadia carrying the baby….as a surrogate…since Nadia is young and strong. Step-Dad asks Nadia if she would be willing. Nadia points out that no Doctor would inseminate her with her step-dad’s semen…since they are biologically related!!! Step-Dad agrees….but suggests that maybe they just do it the “old fashioned” way!!! Nadia is caught off guard by the thought of having sexual intercourse with her own Step-Dad….but agrees to do it….for the benefit of the Family. Nadia asks if they should just go right to penetration….for the sole purpose of procreation….or whether they should “do it all”. Step-Dad suggests they do it all….that a good licking would make the intercourse more pleasurable for Nadia. The two suck and fuck each other hard….until Step-Dad unloads all his baby batter inside Nadia. Hopefully that does the trick!!! – taboo daughter impregnation fantasy

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Nadia White – NADIA’S FAMILY ALBUM HD 720p


Nadia’s Big Tits get lot’s of attention from men…..even her own Step-Dad!!! Step-Dad fucks the stuffing out of Nadia time and time again in this pussy pounding Family Album!!! Included are full versions of : “Step-Daddy Knocked Me Up” “Nadia’s Allowance” “Step-Daddy Step-Daughter Affair” & “The Step-Daddy Experience”.

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My stepson has a new girlfriend who is super sexual and he needs to up his game. So, since his father is out of town, me and my slutty girlfriend, Nadia, show him how to fuck like a champ! We take his tight jeans off and as we both go down on his cock and get him hard and prepared. Then, we let him fuck our pussies before taking him in our tight asses. He gets to fuck both our asses until we cum hard and are satisfied. Next, I straddle his face and squirt all over him as my friend fucks him. I then show him how to make me squirt with my Magic Wand as I drench his face and body with my hot, wet pussy juice again! Finally, we let him cum all over our DDD tits but leave him to clean up the hot, wet mess! Find out if he learned his lessons in this super hot, Maxine X squirt scene!
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Nadia White – Roommate Suprise 4K

Our roommate Alex walked in on my Huband and I filming some content! He was a little embarrassed but with a little convincing I got him to join in! I’ll be honest, I’ve had the fantasy of having both my holes filled for some time, today is my lucky day! I was such a good slut, getting cock from both ends, first in my greedy pussy, then my ass, and finally BOTH! I was rewarded for my performance with a facial and a cream pie, good girl indeed.
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Nadia White / MsNadiaWhite – Anal Blackmail for Bitchy Mom HD 720p

Nadia works for a huge law firm, she also happens to like to dip into company funds. Her son’s best friend came to her hoping to get a job but she laughed to his face during his interview. Wanting to get back at her, he used his computer hacking skills to download files containing information about the misused funds, he brought them to her threatening to rat her out. She begged him not to do it, she would do ANYTHING. This unfortunately ending up being her mouth and her asshole! He left her face covered in jizz, let’s hope no one ever finds out!
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Honey Hayes, Nadia White – DON’T SAY I NEVER DO ANYTHING NICE FOR YOU… HD 1080p

MILF Threesome

My boyfriend Peter Green is a little older than me & really hot. I’m so excited to be watching scary movies with him and for all the fun we’re going to have after! That is, until my stepmom Nadia White comes home. What a drag! She starts bitching about him being older and that our relationship is inappropriate…whatever! Peter & I went to bed that night – without sex – we didn’t want my nosey stepmom poking her head in. But that’s exactly what she did. Imagine my shock when I wake up to my step mother’s lips wrapped around my boyfriend’s big cock!? Nadia said she wanted to test drive him to make sure he was up to speed. I figured I’d hop in for the ride at this point. We started blowing Peter’s cock together and then my stepmom pushed my head down on it, making my eyes water. She helped Peter penetrate me deeply when I got on top of him so I ate her pussy when he fucked her from behind. My step mom spread me out so Peter could fuck me hard & then we got on top of each other so Peter could take turns between our pussies. We let him cum all over our faces & mouths. I guess my step mom isn’t such a drag after all!
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Ariella Ferrera, Nadia White / MsNadiaWhite – Merry Maid HD 1080p

Interracial Big tits Threesome

Rome Major surprises his hot but over worked girlfriend Ariella Ferrera with a new maid service. She is a little taken back at their new maids attire, which isn’t much, but she soon change her mind when she finds out this maid is full service. Maid Nadia not only takes care of the cleaning, but please the couple as well! She will certainly keep her job for a long time to cum!
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Nadia White / MsNadiaWhite – Sneaking around with my step bro HD 1080p

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, Big tits

My mom just married a new guy, he has 2 sons. Everyone thinks I am the innocent, prude, nerd but that’s far from the truth. My new step bro didn’t know I was in the shower and popped in to use the bathroom, startled he didn’t think it was a good idea to stay…but I can be VERY persuasive Wink Things get hot and heavy and a little dicey when our other sibling comes home!
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Honey Hayes, Nadia White / MsNadiaWhite – Punishing our Bad Sitter

Sweet looking Honey Hayes has sat for us when we want a date night or some time to ourselves. Nothing has ever sparked my attention that there could be sometime up with her, not until I catch that little bitch going through my things!! I confront her and call in my husband, who is in disbelief, we trusted her! She tries to plead her way out, that won’t be good enough, she has to repay us back…with her holes! We tag team her from both ends, not letting her have a moment to rest, really showing her the place she has around here. Let’s just say she won’t be stealing from us anytime soon.
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