Emma Choice

Emma Choice – TABOO Little Bro Cream Pies Big Sister HD 1080p

Your big sis is waking you up for school, shes gonna tell you a secret.. something you can never tell mom and dad.. do you think youre ready for it? Shes going to make you into a real man, pull that cock out and let her suck it for you! Shes going to gag on that huge cock and ride it until youre living up to the size! She cant stop riding that fucking cock, she needs you to cream right in her pussy! Do you even know what a “pussy” is?!

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Emma Choice – cousins 4K

Cousin Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Cousins, Role Play

Your mom and aunt booked a vacation rental so they could spend some time with you and your cousin, Emma. Their flight gets delayed, landing you more alone time with Emma than anticipated. Upon exploring, you discover only one queen bed in the whole apartment. Emma is fine with taking the couch for the night and working it out when they arrive. You wake up to find her crawling into bed with you. She says the uncomfortable couch is her new nemesis, so she’d like to share the bed. The two of you didn’t spend much time together growing up, maybe that explains the tension building between the sheets. It’s not long before pressure mounts and the two of you give in to temptation. Grinding against each other, touching, whispering. She sucks your cock until you’re sliding it against her pussy and pushing it inside. You fuck her in multiple angles, with close-ups and wide shots. She takes you by surprise when she slows things down and both verbally and physically guides you both to an incomparable, slow, mutual orgasm.
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Emma Choice – Family Swim Coach Offers Relief JOI 4K

Family Femdom JOI Oil Twerk

You’ve had a little bit of a crush on the family swim coach for a while now. She’s so sweet, great with the little ones, and she looks pretty good in that swimsuit. Swim lessons get cancelled but you decide to go in person to have a chat with her anyway. When you arrive, she actually has something to chat with you about, too! She takes you to her office and informs you that the little ones let her know you and your partner are struggling at home. You’re a bit embarrassed, this really isn’t something she needed to know about. But she has a plan to relieve your stress and provide comfort, without crossing too many lines of course! It turns out she’s known all about your little crush and has no problem letting you know. She’s dominant, confident, and sexy as hell as she leads you to the ultimate pleasure. INCLUDES: subtle femdom, JOI, JOE, twerking, oil, moans, masturbation, and more. (I say in the video I was rolling in the grass, it’s actually true. That’s why I have hives on my ass LOL. ENJOY THE REALISM OK)
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Emma Choice – CUSTOM Little Bro Takes Anal Virginity HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Brunette, Anal Creampie, Dirty Talking

This is a custom and uses the name Tony. In this video you’re all alone at home with your big sis. She’s asking what you want to do today, but only your previous encounters are on your mind (Taboo Tit Job video, Bro SIs Mutual Masturbation video). You’re ready to take it to the next level and lose your virginity to her, but she seems reluctant. You discover she’s concerned about you getting her pregnant, but she does have one other idea…. You lick and kiss your sister’s asshole, teasing it as she urges you on. You’re quite nervous and she can tell, so she takes things into her own hands and you guys end up having a nice rough anal fuck until you fill her ass with cum. She pushes all the cum out for you, then you two snuggle and confess your love for each other. Includes: taboo, brother, sister, anal fingering, anal masturbation, anal toy fucking, dirty talk, JOE, simultaneous cum, cum encouragement, timed cumming, simulated creampie, HD, close ups, and more
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Emma Choice – CUSTOM: Taboo Tit Job JOI HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Brunette, POV, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, JOI, Jerk off instruction, ASMR, Spit Fetish

Happy birthday to the best little brother! This video uses the name Tony! You have been lusting after your sister for years, and today is your lucky day. It’s your birthday and you’ve just returned home where your sister is working online, you watch her for a bit and she catches you. She calls you inside and little do you know she has been aware of your infatuation for years. She teases you a bit with some banter and before you know it her top is off. Is this real? She claims it’s a birthday gift, giving you something you’ve never received. She guides you through your masturbation until you burst and release your cum all over her perfect perky tits. Happy birthday! INCLUDES: taboo, RP, fetish, brother, sister, spit play, JOI, ASMR, whispering, JOE, and more
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