Cindy Sun

Cindy Sun – A Slave for Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, but not for Cindy Sun. Preferring to have her feet up watching TV then helping put up the decorations while my dad and her mother are away, my new Finnish step-sister belittles my interest in celebrating Christmas. I hand her a miniature Christmas as a gift to help change her mind. It’s brightly coloured lights flash as her mood changes from annoyance to mindless bliss. Cindy is about to learn the true meaning of Christmas. With her mind filled with Christmas cheer, Cindy does a sexy strip tease for me. My step-sister is presented a sexy festive outfit to wear which the happy Christmas bimbo puts on. I enjoy making her recite a degrading Christmas poem I wrote for her and watching her pose for me. Then I have Cindy sit down on her knees with her hands behind her back like a good Christmas slave. She is ordered to kneel before her Master and professes her submission to me. After making Cindy clean up the room, I wake my mind controlled step-sister. She tries to cover her body as she demands to know what is going on and for me to fix everything. I do by placing her in a trance again. I take the opportunity to make her bend over and spank her ass and then have her remove most of her outfit. I give my step-sister a candy cane, but not to suck on, but to squeeze into her ass. She is then hogtied using tinsel before I wake up my newly wrapped Christmas gift. Cindy is aghast at being tied up and questions my sanity but I respond by snapping my fingers to make her my mindless doll again. Now it’s time for a Christmas fuck with her wrapping her red lips around my erect cock to suck me off. My slave then rides my cock in her tight ass cowgirl style until I finally cum. As it wouldn’t be Christmas without a party I think I’ll be hosting a gang bang, and keep Cindy as my mindless slave.

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