Callie Calypso

Callie Calypso – Training the Secretary HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Mesmerize Secretary with Callie Calypso

Outfit – short skirt with bare legs, High heels, tight top….no glasses please.
Smoking scenes with normal white cigarettes please no cigars or colored ones.
When in trance – blank look
When put to rest she instantly goes out.
Callie Is a secretary and just finishing up her shift when her boss decides to make her more ‘productive’

*Callie Starts clearing her desk ready to go home when her boss comes over and asks if shell stay back and help put a few reports in.
*She says that its been a long day and shes tired but will stay an hour if he needs it.
*He thanks her and says why doesn’t she take a quick break and then theyll get started.
*She says sure and gets her cigarettes and goes to the smoking area (either another room our outside etc same room if another area unavailable) with her boss and she starts smoking.
*He thanks her for staying back and tells her he will love to get her a drink after work as a thank you for helping out. She thanks him for the offer but declines.
*He says ok how about you let me take you out for a meal or a few drinks this weekend. She tells him she doesnt think her boyfriend would be too happy about that.
*CallieTells him she would like to keep things professional as shes in a relationship and just doesnt like him that way.
*She then tells him shes really tired so lets just do these reports and go home. She finishes smoking and they both go back to the office.
*Callie sits down and gets given a stack of paper to input by her boss. He says before they start can he have her lighter a second as he wants to show her a trick he has just perfected.
*She sighs and says sure but be quick my boyfriend is taking me out later so I will be going home as soon as the hour is done.
*He tells her it will only take a minute and its so good shell forget all about her boyfriend.
*Callie sarcastically says yeah sure as he lights a candle and places it next to her (or uses the lighter) and tells her to look at the flame.
*She says ok its just a flame now what. He tells her shes not looking hard enough as its been a long day and she must be tired. He tells her to look at the center and watch the way the flame dances. Focus on it. Focus on the flame. Just watch the flame as you feel relaxed, let everything, else go and relax (she repeats relax) Your so tired and sleepy (soo sleepy) No thoughts (no thoughts) going deeper and deeper (deeper) giving in to () and rest (rest) and she goes out.
*He starts checking her out and tells her he had planned this for months in case she wouldnt let him take her out.
*He then asks if she can hear him and she replies yes I can hear you. He tells her she has no thoughts (I have no thoughts), She has no will (I have no will), She is deeply (Im deeply ),

You are my slave and must obey (Im your slave master and must obey)

*He tells her to take the reports on her desk and bin them as they were only a ploy to get her to alone (yes master) She wakes up, bins the reports and is then put to rest.
*She is then told to test she is under when she wakes she will believe shes a cat and crawl around the floor. He wakes he and she begins to crawl while he checks out her ass etc.
He then grabs a bowl, fills it with water or milk and then places it on the floor. She starts drinking from the bowl.
*As shes drinking he wakes her up and she gets up confused.

He tells her you not to worry as shell not remember any of this and then says obey. She says obey master and goes into a trance.

*Callie is told that she wants to be paid less and will sign a new contract for more hours and less pay. (i’d love to be paid less master and work harder for you) She then signs the new contract.
*He now tells her she will slowly strip to her underwear for him (I will strip for you master) and she removes her clothes.
*Once in her underwear he checks her out and then wakes her up normally. She is again annoyed at what is happening and asks what is going on. He tells her she was just modelling for him. She tells him no way will she ever do that for him but during her protest he puts her to rest.
*He then tells her to model and then slowly strip her underwear off. (I will take my underwear off master) Then wakes her up.
*Once naked she is told to obey and told she will now masturbate until she cums for him (I will masturbate for you master) She then begins to mindlessly masturbate.
*A Little way in he wakes her up and she is again shocked at what is going on. She jumps up and trys to cover up but is put back to rest. Once out she is told she will happily cum for him. She wakes and masturbates until she cums.
*After Callie cums she is then told to obey and is asked if she would like to suck his cock, she replies i wouldn’t like to master. He tells he of course you would and she replies of course i would love to suck your cock master
*Callie then begins to blow him in a trance but during is again woken up confused and angry. She tells him shes calling the cops but is then told to obey and enjoy blowing him.
*She happily blows him until he cums on her face and in her mouth.
*He then tells her to obey and checks her out. He then tells her to clean her face and she wipes it down with her underwear.
*JC is then put to rest and told she will wake and put on this lingerie and he hands her some lingerie (yes master).
*She puts it on and is told to look at him and obey. She’s told when she wakes she will act normally sit at her desk, smoke a cigarette and loves wearing lingerie during overtime. She will be happy to work overtime for free. (I want to smoke and work for free tonight master)
*He then then tells her she will forget everything that has happened and feel totally relaxed. (I will forget master and i’m completely relaxed)
*JC snaps out of it and asks that since she is working for free tonight if it’s ok if she smokes. He says sure and she starts smoking.
*He comments about her lingerie and she models it to him and says she doesn’t know why but she loves wearing it in overtime.
*He asks her if she has second thoughts about that drink and she tells him no she’s going to meet her boyfriend when she’s finished this report.
*He says obey (Obey master) and he tells her to call her boyfriend and break up with him (I’ll break up with my boyfriend master).

She then calls him, breaks up with him and then snaps out of it acting normally.

*Finally he asks her now that she’s single would she be interested in maybe hooking up. She tells him for the last time no!.

He sighs and then says ok then i’ll have to change your mind and puts her to rest. You will love and obey me (I love you master)

*He then wakes her and she finishes smoking and tells him she’s always loved him and would love a drink and do whatever he wants.

He says perfect lets get your things and go. She gets ready and they leave………..The end

Keywords: solo, masturbation.
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