Abbi Roads

Abbi Roads – The Step-Sister Slut-Step-Sister HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

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Brad has wanted his step-sister Abbi since puberty. She has walked around all but naked in front of him since they were very young, and she has always acted like it’s nothing. She even jokes about how much she masturbates because she needs to cum all the time. She’s never really thought of him “as a guy” but is constantly dating total assholes. Brad has put together a special “song” for Abbi to listen too

She falls under his obedient control and the first thing Brad has her call herself his “slut-step-sister” over and over and then have her is strip so he can finally see her fully naked. Then he has her slowly move her body like she is dancing for him while repeating “I am your slut-step-sister and I will only have sex with you”

Now, since she has made him picture it countless times he has her masturbate for him, then he fucks her, and makes her finish him with a blow job, cumming all over her face. All the while she repeats “I am your slut-step-sister and I will only have sex with you”

Brad has her wipe her face off with her panties and get dressed. He then gives her the permanent instruction that he is better than any other guy and that she only ever wants to suck his dick. Abbi comes out of it and tells him she really like the song, they are about to leave and she shyly confesses that she really wants to suck his dick before they go, if that’s ok and then has his dick in her mouth sucking very happily….
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