Sydney Harwin – Can I Be Head Elf NOW Santa HD 1080p

I’m so mad! Thats 149 years in a row that Santa HASN’T elected me Head Elf for! Every opportunity that goes by, he chooses some other Elf.. its like he can’t even see me and all the great ideas I have! Whats an elf gotta do to get her foot on the Christmas ladder?! … maybe… hmm… what if I… ooooh… maybe I’m going about this all in the wrong way… maybe Santa is a bit perverted secretly and I could… persuade him… maybe… **I hope you enjoy your little Christmas video from me. I put a faint “cartoon” type filter over the video for a more ‘fantasy/fun/Christmassy’ vibe .. I don’t know, haha. Merry Christmas boys!!

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Duration: 00:11:55
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