sloansmoans – step-sis gets jealous HD 1080p (2021)

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CUSTOM FOR MICHAEL: Watch as your step sister comes into your room to cuddle because she’s lonely. You say yes, of course and she cuddles up next to you. She tells you how much she loves having you as a step brother, you’re not the stereotypical “annoying step-bro”. She loves you like an actual step-brother and unbeknownst to you, she has a crush on you . She starts asking you about your weekend plans and you casually mention that you’re going out on a date. She’s taken aback and her feelings get hurt. She asks about this girl and if you like her and you tell her that she’s no one really special but that you’re nervous because you’re a… virgin. She’s suprrised to find this out and uses this informtaiton to her advantage. She tells you that she can help teach you how to kiss and stuff so you’re less nervous on your date. She says it’ll be innocent… it’s just kissing after all. She slowly and sweetly starts kissing you and shows you how to kiss her. That’s when she notices that you’re getting hard for her. You’re getting harder with every kiss and she starts rubing your cock as she kisses you more. She asks if you trust her because she wants to try something else with you. She asks if she can take your cock out and you nod your head yes. She lowers her body and tells you that you being hard for her is a sign that you want her. She sensually kisses and licks your cock and she reassures you that it’s okay this is happenning. She knows you’re nervous but she consoles you as her mouth takes your cock deeper and deeper in. She starts sucking faster and harder and sees how excited you are for her. She tells you that she wants to take your virginity. She wants to help you, she wants to prepare you, help you become a man. You can’t deny her as she sucks you harder and faster. She gets up and begins to strip for you. She wants you to look at her body and to focus on her. She straddles you gently takes your cock into her pussy. She dirty talks and kisses you a lot as she rides you and admits that she got jealous when you mentioned you were going out on a date and she tells you she doesn’t want you to go. She tells you that you can’t leave her now, you’d be so good together. She knows you want her too. She continues to ride and starts talking about how she wants you to fill her pussy with her cum. She senses that this makes you nervous, you don’t want her to get pregnant, but this is actually what she wants. She wants you to breed her, she wants your seed, she wants you to fuck a babe deep inside her. She wants to be full of your cum. She’s riding you while giving a lot of impregnation talk and you have to choice because she feels so good. You explode inside her… enjoy me, xo TABOO/BREEDING/IMPREGNATION/ROLE PLAY/FAMILY/DILDO SUCKING/SENSUAL DOMINATION/POV SEX/BIG TITS/DIRTY TALK

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