sloansmoans – daughter’s naughty bff HD 1080p (2022)

Taboo Role Play 18 & 19 Yrs Old Dildo Fucking Impregnation Fantasy

For “Brennan”: I knew this would be the only way to get you alone. I invited myself over to stay the night. Of course your daughter said yes, she’s my best friend. But I have ulterior motives. I waited for everyone to be in dreamland before I snuck into your bedroom. Sshhh, I know I’m not supposed to be here but… I can’t help myself. I confess my feelings for you as I strip out of my clothes and lingerie. Mmm, I know you want me too. I know it’s forbidden but we can’t help it. I straddle you and take your dick inside me. It feels so, so good. I bounce and grind as I talk dirty to you before I beg for you to fuck me. I lay back and spread my legs for you and you start fucking me so good. I want it harder and harder and I unravel as you give it to me good. I start begging for your cum. I tell you I’m not on birth control and I want you to impregnate me so that we can have each other forever. cum inside me, I know you want to make me pregnant. yes, just like that… enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/SEDUCTION/SENSUAL DOMINATION/18 YEAR OLD/DILDO FUCKING/FUCK MACHINE/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING

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