sloansmoans – blackmailing step-daddy HD 1080p (2021)

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Watch as your sweet, inexperienced, submissive step-daughter comes in to ask you for a favor: she misplaced her cell phone and asks to borrow yours. She tells you she’ll be super quick so you give it to her and walk out of the room. Little do you know, she has a naughty plan. She’s been on the phone for several minutes so you go to check on her and find her completely naked taking selfies on your phone! She tells you not to be mad but she actually needs your help with something else… she tells you how all the boys at her school are super lame and she’s the only one who doesn’t have sexual experience so she wants you, her step-daddy, to take her virginity and teach her what it’s like to have sex. You decline and become upset at her request and it’s at that moment she reminds you that she’s been taking nude photos of herself on your phone. You tell her you can just delete them but she says she’s already sent them over to herself. She’s apprehensive about her behavior but she says that she only blackmailed you because she knew you’d reject her otherwise. She continues to plead with you and you ask if you can use a condom to which she replies, YES of course! She’s so very excited that you agreed to her proposal. You both know how naughty this is but you can’t help but be so hard for your sweet girl. She starts off by giving you a blowjob, she asks how to do it but she quickly catches on. After she becomes really wet and ready for sex, you tell her how to put the condom on. She says that she wants to be on top because she knows guys like that. She straddles you and takes your length for the first time. (Dildo fucking) She winces and tells you that she feels a lot of pressure but after several thrusts she starts to feel good. She tells you she wants you to have sex with her in different positions. You start to fuck her (missionary POV sex) and she keeps eye contact with you as she tells you how much trouble you could be in if people found out about your special relationship. She says she won’t say anything but her goal is to get rid of step-mommy. She asks if she feels better than your own wife, to which you reply yes. This makes her want to get on top of you again. She dirty talks to you before she inserts you into her tight pussy again and you don’t even notice that she sneakily took the condom off. She rides you until you both cum together and it felt so amazing for the both of you. After you catch your breath she shows you the condom she threw behind her. You’re in shock but she tells you not to be upset. She just wanted to feel so good! And now… she might be pregnant so there is no need for step-mommy from now on. She goes on to tell you how excited she is to be able to hook up with you as often as she wants and when you somewhat disagree she is confused. She tells you that she wants more of you but you’re unsure if that’s a good idea. She then reveals yet another surprise: She’s actually had her phone this entire time and she grabs it from the nightstand. She sends you a text and she explains that it’s a video of you two having sex! You can’t believe it! She tells you that she kind of “owns you” now and you will agree to sex as often as she likes and when step-mommy gets back home you’ll send her packing. (She is sensually, sweetly dominant throughout, yet still submissive.) enjoy me, xo TABOO/DIRTY TALK/ROLE PLAY/STEP-DADDY’S GIRL/CHEATING/VIRGIN/DILDO FUCKING/POV SEX/DILDO SUCKING/BLACKMAIL/IMPREGNATION/FAMILY

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