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I accidentally damaged the car after school and Mom and Dad are going to be furious with me! I’m super nervous. I have plans this weekend and can’t get grounded! You’re my brother and offer to take the heat for the damaged car if I fuck you and let you cum in my mouth in return. I can’t believe you even suggested such a thing. My nervousness intensifies as I tell you how weird and fucked up I think you are. After a minute I realize you are being serious and really aren’t going to help me unless I give you a sexual favor in return. I offer to strip for you and give you a handjob instead and you accept. I nervously strip for you while telling you how sick I think you are. When you take your dick out I comment on how big it is and slowly start to jerk you off. You are extremely hard and after a little while I start getting turned on. I want to see how your dick feels inside of me and I lay back on the couch and let you slide it in a little bit. It starts to feel really good and pretty soon you are pounding me while I am moaning and telling you how much I like getting fucked by my brother’s hard cock. You fuck me from behind for a little bit and I tell you that I want you to fuck my ass. I want to see how my brother’s dick feels in my tight little asshole. You start fucking my ass slowly at first, then pick up the pace and I end up cumming hard for you. I tell you that I can’t believe I actually came for my brother and offer to suck your cock like you wanted me to. I blow you until you shoot a huge load in my mouth. There’s so much cum my mouth overflowing and some of it spills onto my tits. When its all over I tell you how much fun I had and hint at wanting to do this again. Thanks for helping me brother, you’re the best

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