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The morning of my big day I was in front of the mirror admiring my lingerie outfit that I was going to wear beneath my wedding dress and have my soon to be husband devirginize me in. My future step-father-in-law walked in without knocking to get his tuxedo out of the closet. He was so embarrassed because I was standing practically naked. I told him that it was ok and to please stay for just a moment that I had to have a word with him. I told him how excited I was to be marrying his step-son in just a few hours. I told him that I hoped to enjoy myself getting devirginized by his step-son half as much as his wife did last night as he fucked her brains out. He was so embarrassed and said to be that he didn’t think anybody was listening to them as they fucked. I think the neighbors heard her getting her brains fucked by you I told him. I asked him if he has any pointers for me because obviously he knew what he was doing in the bedroom. I could tell he was a little bothered by the subject but I could also see a tent in his briefs building up. I know he always checks me out so I was straight forward with him and told him that I didn’t have to be downstairs for another hour and reached for his dick.

His dick popped out of his briefs as I pulled them down and shot straight into my mouth. He couldn’t believe his soon to be step-daughter-in-law had her lips wrapped around his big dick. My lipstick was wearing off on his dick and that really turned him on because he told that I looked like a good cock sucking whore with my hands and lips wrapped around his dick. I wasn’t planning on stopping at sucking his dick. I spread my legs and asked him if he could please fuck me the way he was fucking his wife last night. He spread my legs and inserted his big dick inside of my “virgin pussy.” He fucked me hard and deep for a few minutes. My pussy was soaking wet and I could tell his cock was covered in my pussy juices by now. He looked down at my pussy as he was pounding it and then asked me if he could please ask me a question. He asked if I was sure I was a virgin, I laughed out loud and responded to him by telling him that I was far from a virgin. I am a cock loving whore who has fucked more cocks than he can imagine. I told him how much I loved cock, I told him that the only one in the wedding party that hadn’t been inside of my pussy was my soon to be husband. He told me to bend the fuck over because he was about to pound me from behind hard and fast the way a real slut should be fucked. I begged him to fuck me and squirt deep inside of my pussy. He grabbed me by my waist and pounded my pussy hard and fast until he unloaded every drop of his seed into my fertile pussy. He overfilled my cunt and the excess sperm dripped out of my pussy and down onto the bed where I will be “losing my virginity” to my future husband later that night. I hope my future husband enjoys my “virgin pussy” and as for my future step-father-in-law he now knows where to get a young hot piece of ass whenever he is in the mood to fill a hot cunt with cum.

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