Sailor Luna – Step-Brother bets her Ass HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Part 1

Sailor has been hanging out with the “bad” girls and trying to she is is just as wild and expreienced as they are. Unfortunately this has caught up with her. She made a bet about how wild she is, so she bets that she would blow a guy at the movies. All she needs is a video of herself sucking dick in the theater on her phone to show the sluts she’s been hanging out with that she is cool like them. Sailor doesn’t have the nerve to just suck some random’s cock, and she isn’t seeing anyone, but it’s a lot of money, so she asks her step-brother Alex to go to the movies with her

Part 2

After blowing her step-brother at the movies Sailor won her bet, but, she couldn’t help but get pulled into taking things further, the mean girls she has been hanging out with said the only reason she is so quick to suck cockis because she is a virgin. Now there is A LOT of money on the line, so Sailor figures her step-brother got her out of the mess once, he can do it again

Part 3

Sailor is chilling in her room, She is like the new princess with her cool slut bitch friends and she has a bunch of money from winning her slut bets. Alex comes in and seems really awkward, she’s afraid he’s having some weird regrets about helping her, but it turns out he needs help himself. He ended up making a bet with his buddies, but he went a giant step further. He bragged he had a supper slutty girlfriend that was down for anything and got egged on until he bet that she lets him fuck her ass. Sailor doesn’t understand how she can help, she doesn’t know any girls that take it in the ass. Then she realizes what he is asking. She is freaked out but she really owes him. They take it really slow and it is INTENSE but but her brothers big thick cock in her ass makes her cum in ways she never knew she could

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