Roxy Cox – Breeding Step Daughters Slutty Best Friend 4K (2021)

Roxy is sitting in her room with her friend Beth. She listens to Beth complain about how her big step-sister who has got pregnant and she is getting all the attention, does what she wants all day and is even given money. Beth says it’s not fair, why can’t she have it so easy too. It’s stupid, she is still going to class and her step-sister gets to lay around being so lazy. Beth thinks she just has to get pregnant too so she can be just like her step-sister and not have to do all the work anymore. Roxy tells Beth all she needs to get pregnant is a dick right, so maybe she could ask her Step-Daddy to help her with this problem. Roxy calls in her Step-Dad & he did over hear in the hallway about their plans and Beth asks him if he will help get her pregnant. Step-Daddy is more than happy to help and he pulls out his cock & Beth gets on her knees to begin sucking him off and get him rock hard ready to impregnate her. Roxy did forget to tell Step-Daddy that Beth is a bit of a slut but he figured that out for himself while she’s slobbering all over his huge cock. Beth is so eager to get pregnant & licks Step-Daddy’s thick shaft and sucks his big ball sack while Roxy encourages her. Beth loves slapping his big dick against her tits & getting it nice and sloppy wanking and sucking him off. Now Step-Daddy is ready to fill her tight pussy & breed his greedy lil slut. Beth is bent over doggy style while Step-Daddy slides inside wet cunt and Roxy tells Beth to beg Step-Daddy to breed her. You can see Beth’s face in the mirror as she’s getting punded from behind & loves taking his big cock. She really wants Step-Daddy to impregnate her telling him how good his cock feels inside her filling her juicy pussy. Step-Daddy goes balls deep inside her and blows his big loads to fill her tight cunt and with so much cum he pulls out and there’s excess dripping out onto Beth’s ass. Beth is so happy because now she’s going to get pregnant just like she wanted.

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