Rebecca de Winter – Impregnated by my Son’s Friend HD 1080p

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Script: I let you inside my home. I didn’t get your name, so I introduce myself to you. I tell you my son told me you were coming over to have sex with me. I tell you I don’t have any condoms so I might get pregnant. I ask if you you are ok with that. I ask you if you want me to put on anything sexy. you just ask me to keep my top and panties on, take my pants off, and put on some sunglasses and nike shoes (with small socks). I leave for a moment to grab my shoes and sunglasses. I come back, wearing only my top, no pants, sunglasses over my eyes, and nike shoes on. I model for a bit. I come closer to show you my ass and ask if you like it. I put my arms around you and ask you again if you are ok with getting me pregnant. You agree so I say good. I give you a kiss and tell you, Im going to fuck you good. I take my panties off and start to ride you POV. (Sunglasses on, nike shoes on, top still on, breasts still covered). Towards the end, I tell you Im going to cum, then we orgasm at the same time. I give you a kiss then put my sunglasses on my head. I tell you that that was a lot of cum inside me, and I might get pregnant for sure. I stay sitting on your cock so I can feel you inside me. I forgot your name so I ask you again. I tell you my husband is coming home soon and you have to go but I ask you to come back soon again for more sex.

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