Princess Leia – Brat Step-Daughter Trained to Please HD 1080p

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Step-Daddy, I just have to say, you’ve really let yourself go since Step-Mom left us. I mean, I think I’ve handled it really well, but you… You’re still working a poor job and you haven’t had a girlfriend in so long. If you think you can get a girl as young as step-mom’s new boyfriend, I’m sorry but that’s a pipe dream. He’s what, practically my age? Us young girls just don’t go for single dads your age. Really, what’s your plan–oh, tea? Thanks… I guess?

Oh, Step-Dad..dy, I feel really funny. It must be the… Sorry, I just need to spread my legs a bit, it’s so hot in here… oh my god, Step-Daddy! Wha- I’m not touching myself on purpose, I promise! What the, why are you just sitting there? Wh… I think I’m losing control of my… * Yes, Step-Daddy. I’m in your control. I’m an obedient step-daughter. You tell me what to do and I’ll do it right away. Touch you, lick you, suck you, deep throat you… make you cum? Yes, Master.

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