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Second part to Mommy’s First Knot DP! Ever since my son caught me fucking myself silly with knot, he’s been able to do anything he wants with me. Whether it be sex when he wants or making me do his chores for him, I’ve become his slave. But when he came into my room today and tricked me into putting on a show for him AND his friends I was shocked! Not only did he tell his friends about my slutty ways, but he wanted me to take an even bigger knot than before… IN MY ASS. I felt reluctant at first, but my true desires became clear. Getting fucked until you’re mindlessly horny will do that to a woman.. even if you are a mother. And it’s embarrassing for my own son to take photos of me fucking him and his friends, but it’s even worse that my own son knows me better than my husband. I’ve never had sex like this before… and I am ashamed to say that I can’t get enough from my own son. At the end of the video I even beg them to cover me in their cum! I don’t think that combination of words has EVER come out of my mouth before

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