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Your sister asks you what’s wrong, you’ve seemed so sad lately. After some prying you tell her that your girlfriend just broke up with you. She asks why but you really don’t want to say. She insists that you guys have always been close and you should be able to talk to your step-sister! You tell her that your girlfriend dumped you because you cum too quickly. Your sis laughs and makes fun of you at first but then suggests that you just need practice and that she could help you last longer. She begins to tease you and you grow hard almost immediately. You have always thought she was so pretty. She jerks and sucks you and you almost cum prematurely. Then she tries to give you a break by rubbing her ass cheek against your cock but even that little contact makes you shoot your load all over her ass. She laughs and make fun of you, but also reassures you that now that you got your “anxiety nut” out of the way, she thinks you will for sure last longer. You are still hard and she says your girlfriend was dumb for breaking up over such a stupid reason, cumming too quick just means the girl can milk more loads out of you easier. She rides you cowgirl, then reverse cow girl (full body shot and up-close shot). Then she goes back to riding you cowgirl and calls you a good boy for lasting so long. You’re about to cum and she urges you to bust inside her and fill her with cum, which you do readily. After enjoying the after glow she keeps you inside you and slowly continues riding you. She says you definitely cum too fast but for some girls it’s a plus. She happens to like that you can’t handle her and she doesn’t t mind letting you practice with her. Worst case, she gets to take all of your cum out of your amazing cock over and over. What are step-siblings for?

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