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The floor in the living room looks like the sidelines after an American football game, and Olive’s pussy just dismissed the players. The naughty little slut, even with all the balls thrown and times she was passed, still isn’t satisfied. She crawls around the couch naked looking for her m0ther’s vibrator she keeps stashed for a bit of sneak play, and finds it hiked behind the couch. She opens her legs, full spread to a wet field. She sends the vibrator down field, her pussy seeking to receive its vibrating pulses. Her hole opens up as she gets close to touchdown, her clit throbbing underneath the wand. As she is about to score one massive orgasm, her dady enters, and catches her with her hands between her uprights. He demands to know what she was doing, and her punt fake of a cover isn’t fooling him. He thinks he knows what happened, but just to make sure, demands a replay. He pulls out his cock and she takes his thunderdome in her mouth, gripping it as she palms it up and down his length. She crawls up on the back of the couch, making her ass cheeks part wide to receive him in her ready stance. He tosses his cock into her while gripping her hair in his hand, pulling her into him. Her back arches as she grips on the green blanket as a orgasm explodes through her pussy. Dady flips her over and lays her on her back. She uses the vibrator as his cock does shuttle runs in and out of her, she moans as her pussy quakes with the shudders of his cock. The pair cum together in a game ender or orgasmic victory. It turns out there is no dick on the field like dady’s

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