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Scene One: Close call

The family is sitting on the couch watching a movie. Nikki, her mother Cory and her father have always had a close relationship. Nikki is turned on by a hot scene in the movie and is embarrassed, quickly pulling a blanket over herself. Feeling like her parents won’t notice Nikki starts to rub herself and let out soft whimpers. Her father notices and reaches over to stop her, but she grabs his hand instead and forces him to rub her wet pussy. Turned on she puts the blanket over her fathers lap and rubs his cock. Cory says that the movie is boring and goes upstairs. Nikki wastes no time getting to her knees and sucking her daddy’s cock. She sucks him like a horny college girl until they hear Cory come back downstairs. Quickly covering her with the blanket Cory asks her husband a few questions, while Nikki continues to suck cock. Cory goes back upstairs. He pulls the blanket off and she makes him cum in her mouth. That was too close.

Scene Two: Is my daughter sick?

He walks into Nikki’s bedroom to find her in sexy underwear masturbating. She strips her dad naked and tosses him on the bed. She jerks and sucks his cock getting him hard before she lets him fuck her. As they are fucking there is a knock at the door. Quickly covering their naked bodies they lay together spooning. Nikki tries to talk to her mom while her dad pretends to be asleep and slowly fucks her. Nikki’s little moans make Cory think she is sick, so she leaves to let her get some rest. When Cory leaves, Nikki lets all her emotions out and cums with a shattering orgasm.

Scene Three: New clothes fuck

Dad is watching TV on the couch when Nikki comes in dressed in lingerie. Keeping him seated she sucks on his large cock. Pushing her panties to the side she fucks him on the couch wanting to feel his cum inside her. Cory comes home from the store and Nikki covers herself with a pillow. Cory tells her to change and her husband to get dressed. Nikki’s mom leaves and she continues to fuck her dad until he cums inside her. She fixes her panties wanting to feel his cum inside her for the rest of the day.

Scene Four: Mom finds out

Nikki drags her dad to his bedroom for some fun. She wants him to tie her up and fuck her brains out. He happily complies and uses her mouth and pussy hard. Cory walks in and is shocked at what she sees. The lustful father and daughter continue to fuck, Nikki saying Cory is going to have to share her husbands cock. Cory leaves and Nikki smiles as her dad cums over her face. She wants to be left tied up so mom can see her first facial.

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