Nicole Nabors – Daughter confronts you HD 1080p

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Your wife goes through your phone while your daughter is swimming. She finds it on the camera mode to find that you’ve taken a few pics of your daughter in her bikini, including a few zoomed in of her tits and ass. She shocked and disgusted. She finds even more sexy photos, that were stolen from your daughters phone that were meant for her husband. She immediately tells your daughter! She can’t believe it! She’s so grossed out. She comes to confront you. She walks in and starts applying oil infront of you. She makes a few jokingly yet serious comments to you. She asks for you to help rub in the oil. She can’t keep it inside anymore, she asks why the fuck do you have sexy pics of your daughter on your phone?? Im your daughter! Wtf dad!? You tell her you haven’t had sex in months and ever since she developed those big tits and incredible body you’ve been obsessed! She can’t believe what’s she hearing and starts to feel bad for you in a weird way. She teases you with her big oiled tits and body. She slowly strips for, then has second thoughts, but gives in. She sucks your cock, tit fucks you and then let’s you fuck your own daughter. The ultimate taboo. You know I’m better than mom! I’m younger, hotter, I have bigger boobs, an incredible body. Cum for your daughter dad.

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